who am i?

Hi! My name is Lori, but most of my close friends call me Dees (it was my maiden name).

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I started this new adventure as a way to unleash the madness in my head as I began a journey to recovering my hotness. Come to find out, it has evolved into more than just a place for me to vent and truth be told, I never really lost my hotness. Unfortunately, it was buried under 26 pounds of ever-loving fluffly fatness.

Through hard work and sheer determination, this is the new me - 26 pounds lighter!

But wait! There's more!

I am married to my awesome husband Justin. He is my strength and support system as I continue down the path of becoming a healthier person. He supports my ideas, my wishes and lets me dream big. He is patient, supportive, my partner in life and my soul mate. Plus...he puts up with me. I mean...what more could a girl ask for?

Oh wait...the all-star cast doesn't stop there. Our kiddos are fiercely adorable as well.

Lucas is my six year old, my baby and a complete Momma's boy. He has my Type A personality, talks non-stop, is completely hilarious and could pick-up your spirit in five seconds with only a few words and a hug. He is definitely my lover and is wildly sensitive. He definitely gets those traits from his daddy. He also gets his passion for football from his daddy. You see...he is a Cleveland Browns fan through and through. He follows the team, owns a jersey (a Cribbs jersey to be exact) and has even been known to bark at great plays. He also wants to play for the Browns when he gets older. Hey...I may be a die-hard Bengals fan, but I'll support his dreams and help him achieve his goals in any way that I can.

Ellie is my three year old, independent, strong-willed child. She is a complete mini-me: fiercely independent, wild, absolutely hilarious, very opinionated, doesn't know a stranger, full of sass and doesn't really mind putting you in your place when need be. My mom just laughs and says that she is me through and through. I didn't know if I really believed her until I saw her give me a look that I know that I give. Then it hit me, "Shit! I'm in for a world of trouble!"

So...that's my cast of characters that I love calling my family and help make me who I am.