Friday, March 8, 2013

Finding my groove...he was wearing orange

My emotions have been on a roller coaster today. I've been frustrated, down-right pissed, humbled and loved. And that was all within an hour!
My morning started off busy as usual - fifteen projects to complete without enough money, time and resources. And that's at my 7:30 - 4:30 big girl job.
Unfortunately, I was sent over the edge by a company that I did some freelance work for. I designed a marketing piece and created a branding standards manual, submitted the files and have heard crickets from the company. No response, no "I hate your work", no payment...nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zip. 
Um....ain't nobody got time to work for free! Pay me.
Anyway. I decided that I was going to go for a run to work off some of my frustration.
I headed over to the Huber Heights YMCA and hit the track.
While I was warming-up, I noticed a group from Montgomery County MRDD start walking on the track also. The coordinator that was with them made sure to keep everyone in a single file and along the railing.
During the middle of my run, I still hadn't found my groove. I was struggling, out of breath and thought that I was going to die. As I ran past the group, the gentleman at the front of the line gave me a thumbs up and the biggest smile ever - like I was winning an important race.
It was at this particular moment that I found my groove - he was on the track wearing a flourescent orange shirt and smiling at me.
I couldn't help but reach out and hold his hand - even if it was only for a brief second. I wanted him to know that his act of kindness didn't go unnoticed.
I'm not sure what his name is or what part of town he is from, but I want it to be known that he made a difference in my life.
In today's world, we use the word "retarded" so flippantly. Do you think that those individuals that use it actually know it's true meaning and definition?
To let it be known...I DESPISE that word. It's offensive when using it to describe someone or a situation. It makes you look ignorant when you use that word, so please...stop.
Each person has his or her own unique abilities. That's what make us all different, beautiful and quite frankly...US.
The man out on the track today didn't see differences between me and him. He saw an opportunity to show me compassion and seized it. Little did he know that I needed it at that exact moment.
You never know what struggles other people are facing, what battles they are enduring or what's going on in their life. Fortunately, LOVE is a universal language that we all speak and can understand.
So...thank you. Thank you for showing me love and compassion today when I wasn't able to give it to myself. Thank you for showing me that the way to inspire can be as simple as a thumbs up and a smile. And thank you...for allowing me to share your gift to the world.
When I grow up, I hope that I am able to touch the lives and hearts of those around me like you did to me today.
So...until we meet again on the track, this is adieu. xoxo


  1. A little motivation, even from strangers, goes a logn way. Visiting from SITS ShareFest.

  2. Also visiting from the ShareFest, although 12 hours later! This is beautiful.. You both touched each other's hearts today.

  3. It really is the little things in life that can make such an impact! How touching! Makes me want to thumbs up everyone I see when I'm out running from now on!

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