Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Surviving this Roller Coaster

At what point can I say that I want off this freaking roller coaster?

I've noticed that the closer I get to my goal, the harder it is for me to lose weight - even though I do everything right. Last week I lost 0.2 pounds for the second week in a row. While I was mifted last week that my loss was only minimal, I've taken a complete nose dive this week and gained 4 pounds! How does that even happen?!

I mean, for the love of God...I WANT to be a LOSER!!!!

It's so weird to me how my body is responding to my "getting healthy" initiatives. I didn't change the way that I ate (I still portioned everything out), I didn't change what I ate (yes Pinky...we eat the same thing every week), and I still had 22 banked points and 11 activity points that I could eat; yet I gained enough weight to make me feel uncomfortable.

I mean...every roller coaster has a warning sign: don't ride if you are prego, don't ride if you are intoxicated, don't smoke while riding, don't stand up, blah...blah...blah. Where was the warning sign for this emotional BEAST? And yes...that was a total reference to my FAVORITE roller coaster of all time!

The Beast signage courtesy of Kings Island Image Central

Warning sign for weight loss

I guess i'm just going to have to buckle down even harder with my food intake and activity level. Which speaking of activity, I had to push out my 5K training due to shin splints! UGH!!

I'm trying to hop back on the wagon this evening. Keep your fingers crossed that I can complete my run without having to army crawl back up the mountain in my subdivision. Even little bunnies cried watching me do that last week. Brutal!

So...let's put our hands up together and ride this BEAST!

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