Thursday, January 24, 2013

Double Dees Bakery...Pun Intended

January is the month of not-so-little-anymore prince.
He recently turned the big seven on January 13th. I know...I say the same thing! I'm not old enough to have a seven year old! And oh...aren't you sweet, but I already know that I don't look 35!
Anyway. Enough about how young and adorable I am. Back to Lucas.
Like any seven year old his age, he is obsessed with Star Wars.
So when it came time to ask him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, it was a no-brainer - R2-D2. Everyone's favorite and lovable Droid.
You see, I make Wilton cakes for birthdays. It's a tradition that my Dad started when my brother and I were little. He would spend hours upon hours picking the perfect pan, baking the cakes (my Mom actually did that part), and decorating them to perfection with what seemed to be millions of tiny stars.
It's a tradition that I fell in love with and was eager to pass on to my kiddos. It's a special moment to have your child pick out their own pan, make an amazing cake and give a piece of art and yourself to your child for his/her special day.
Unfortunately, Wilton stopped making the R2-D2 cake pan in 1980. It's now selling on eBay for a small fortune. sister-in-law and I decided that we could make our own 3-D, R2-D2 cake...and ROCK it!
I made four double-chocolate fudge cakes in two 6x3 Wilton pans during the week. After the cakes cooled, I wrapped them in saran wrap and stuck them in the freezer.
I also used Wilton's ball cake pan in order to make the top of R2-D2's head. So...all in all, there were five cakes that were made.
Meredith (SIL) came over on the Saturday before the family party and we got to work - making three different types of buttercream icing, construcing a stable design to stack the cakes on, and making rice krispie treats for his legs.
And by the way...we are both messy bakers. This is what my kitchen looked like as we started this adventure.

This is the rest of the process....


And after five and a half grueling hours....R2-D2 was complete.

 Lucas and Aunt Meredith

 Lucas and Me!

And finally...Double Dees Bakery!
So there you have it...our first 3-D cake that was a complete work of art that we could share with the birthday boy.
Happy birthday sweetie boy! Love you to the moon and back!
P.S. Still wondering about our bakery name? My maiden name is Dees and Meredith married my brother - so, she's the new Dees. Get it? Double Dees Bakery?! Buahahahaha!  


  1. That's awesome. I'm impressed.

    Stopping by from SITS...

  2. Thanks Misty! It was definitely a labor of love. ;)

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