Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who needs a new pair of shoes? This girl!

During my average weekly visits to the fat farm, nothing too exciting or adventurous happens. My average weekly weight loss is roughly 1.4 pounds, which pisses me off considering how OCD I am about the whole process and how I track everything that I eat.

So...I'm not really sure what happened this week, but I lost 3.4 pounds! That's right...3.4 pounds. I reached another milestone and got another 5 pound sticker for my book. I missed reaching my 10% goal by .8 pounds. Oh well. There's always next week.

It's funny...people keep telling me that I have to be noticing all of this weight that I'm losing. To be honest, I don't see it. What sucks is that I don't really notice it in my clothes either. pants are fitting a little bit better, but have I noticed a signifcant difference? Not really. Although...when I was shopping yesterday for Ellie's birthday presents, I did notice that the butt of my pants was seriously sagging.

I mean...why do I always have to lose my ass? Why can't I loose it...let's my chest? Is that asking for too much? I've been begging for a breast reduction since I was 15. I thought that losing weight would be a great non-surgical alternative. Apparently...they have a mind of their own and think otherwise.


So I decided today that because I reached my half way point (down 15.2 pounds), I am going to do something that makes me feel special. And that my friends involves a new pair of shoes. I'm so giddy that I can hardly stand it! Check out the pic below. Who wants to place bets that I'll break my ankle within the first three weeks? lol.

So that's my story for today. Nothing crazy or exciting. Just a girl closer to her goal of looking amazing!

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