Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plateau = Motivation we are. Weigh-in day.

I have to admit...I'm kind of addicted to Wednesday's. I like seeing the progress that I'm making on a weekly basis. It's fun to watch the scale move in the direction that I want it to. Unfortunately, that didn't happen this week. I know...I know. It's a's to be expected.

Well...I'm pissed. I guess that's the great thing about being stubborn - I have the ability to turn a potentially negative quality into something positive. am I going to do that? First of all...I'm going to kick this week's ass.

That includes not eating (or drinking) all of my extra points, really starting to exercise (more than once a week) and truly paying attention to the type of groceries that I'm putting away (and I'm not talking about putting food in the pantry either).

My goal is to get out and ride my bike this week. When you see my bike, you'll know that I'm not trying to be the next Lance Armstrong. lol.

I'll definitely be "that mom" when I hook the bike trailer up to the back of it and pack the babes up and set off on a cruise of our neighborhood. But...if that's what it takes to help me reach my goals...then so be it.

So while I may not have gained weight this week, I did gain a little bit of momentum and motivation in order to really buckle down this week and make my efforts pay off. After all - I'm totally worth it!

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