Thursday, July 26, 2012


No really...I am. Or at least that's what my "not-so-temporary tattoo" has been telling me since Saturday.

So let me back track for just a second.

On Friday, July 20, I picked my girlfriend Lauren up from the Dayton airport. You see, Lauren is one of my sorority sisters and dearest friends. She's also a source of strength for me - in more ways than I could even describe. So it was fitting that she would fly out from Maryland to run my first 5K with me. Our team name: Off Like A Prom Dress. Fitting...right?

I was so excited and nervous about the race on Saturday that I couldn't sleep Friday night. I was up at 4:25 am ready to barf. Thank God that I didn't.

Anyway. We got ready and to the race wearing white, our RAD "not-so-temporary" tattoos and our 1980's ever-so-stylish sunglasses. I mean really, does it get any better than this?

Here are a few "before the race" pics:

This is my first race bib. Pretty sure that I'm going to have to frame it. Or maybe I'll just start collecting them. Hmmmm...............

Pre-run - it's amazing how clean I look

This is our pre-race look. Complete with 1980's sunglasses, RAD tattoos and clean clothes

This was our MC before the race. He was absolutely hysterical and really got the crowd pumped up!

Now...because this was my first race that I was actually running, I didn't really know what to expect. As we start our "wave", I felt like corralled cattle. Fortunately, the energy in our group was fantastic and it made me comfortable as Lauren and I began the journey.

The course was mapped out around the Cincinnati Mills mall. Who knew that the mall encompassed so much space?

Anyway. We were sprayed with liquid fluorescent cornstarch and pelted with the dry stuff by color bombers mapped out along the course. I got sprayed in the face with the green stuff. Um...yuck! It was even more disgusting when I spit green. lol

By the time that we reached the finish line, Lauren and I were a hot mess! And I mean that in a GREAT way!

The excitement at the end was incredible. I achieved a major accomplishment, I did it with one of my adored girlfriends, and Justin was there cheering me on and taking lots of pics. I'm pretty sure that the memories of that moment don't get any better. case you are wonder what we ended up looking like, here are a few pics after we were color bombed.

This is our after shot - a happy, hot mess!

And just so that you know...we are the Color Bombs

After the race, Lauren and I went to my parent's house to visit and have lunch. Of all of the pics that we have, I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite. Oh...and in case you were wondering, I made Lauren go out to lunch looking like this. Ha, ha. We even took beach towels to sit on at the restaurant.

Another shot of just me

So now that you've checked out all of these awesome pics...don't you want to run The Color Run with Justin and me in October? You too can look like this!

P.S. My armpit and ankles are still blue. Buahahahaha! 


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