Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take that cupcake!

Wednesday's are my dreaded weigh-in days. I get so anxious knowing that I have to step on a scale today and hold myself accountable for my week's actions.

I started my day by stepping on my WW scale at home. I don't know why. That thing is totally not accurate. It told me that I lost one-tenth of a pound. I guess in all reality, it totally could be on track, but I highly doubt it.

Anyway. I've done really well this week. Week two wasn't as big of a struggle as what I thought that it was going to be. I stuck with the plan, ate all of my extra banked points, and even counted "cleaning" as an activity point. That's right - one measley point.

Apparently, all of my hard work paid off. I lost 2.8 pounds this week! I am seriously cuttin' a rug right now! My total weight loss so far is 5.6 pounds. I even earned my first 5 pound sticker! Woo hoo! I effing LOVE that sticker! To me, it's a visual representation that I CAN DO THIS!!!

Here's to another successful week! This not-so hungry girl only has 24.4 more pounds to go!

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