Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And the results are in....

Happy Hump Day! That's right friends, it's the middle of the work week and most importantly - my weigh-in day!

I will have you know that the not-so-pleasant lady behind the counter today was actually pretty friendly. She must have taken "hump day" literally. Sorry...I'm digressing. Back to my weigh-in.

When it was my turn, I did everything like I did last week - I even wore the same outfit. When I stepped on the same scale that I stepped on last week (consistency is important!), it gave me my weight - 165 pounds!! I lost 2.8 pounds this week!! I'm so proud of myself and my ability to stick with the program for a whole week!

The meeting this week way 500 million times better than last week. I laughed and even learned something new. I stayed after class to talk to the instructor about a way to level out my sugars more. I mean seriously, 54 points spent on 7 UPs and PB crackers isn't cutting it. Those points could have gotten me a #1 Extra Value Meal - biggie size - with a Diet Coke!

This week is still about changing my eating habits, making better choices, and introducing exercise back into my life. Maybe I'll see if Lucas and Ellie want to Zumba this evening. Maybe I can step-it-up a notch and be as HOT as he is! Or maybe we'll play a game of Bowling on the Wii. Who knows. I was going to write something funny about getting some sort of activity and linking it back to sex, but then I thought, "My mom reads this. Ewwww. Gross." So....we'll be skipping that comment and activity!

Until tomorrow...peace out!

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