Saturday, January 21, 2012

Totally NOT related

Well, here I am on day #4 of this challenge. This is going to sound stupid, but I need a break. lol. I'm tired of writing about exercise, what I ate that day, and essentially, how fat I have become over the past few years.

So instead of blogging about my blissful weight-loss experience (boy...that was dripping with sarcasm), I'm going to write about a completely un-related topic - poop.

I know...I know. Why in the world would I write about such a disgusting topic? I'm even appalled as my fingers sit here and spew out all of the crap that is in my head. lol. That was totally intended.

Anyway...back to poop. We've had a major breakthrough at our house recently - Ellie and the potty. She's been doing incredibly well in regards to peeing on the potty. She's typically dry all day at school. Yay for her teacher! Unfortunately, the minute we get home, she starts screaming, walking like she just got off a 500 mile horse ride and telling me that she's wet. Yay for mommy!

So...we had a "come to Jesus" meeting. After our little discussion, she told me that she wasn't going to pee on Dora anymore. Guess that means that all of the other 20 pairs of panties in her drawer are fair game! I mean really. Cinderella has been shat on her entire life! There's no reason for a two and a half year old to jump on that bandwagon.

However, we had a break through yesterday and this morning! Ellie decided that pooping on the potty was fun! She even did it twice! After she dropped the kids off at the pool this morning, she said, "I did it mommy! Yay! Now go get me some candy!" I wonder where she gets her demanding attitude from? Must be from her daddy. Oy!

I'm hoping that we are turning a new leaf and we can quit spending $25 a month on Pull-Ups. Not sure what I'll spend that extra money on - maybe something fun - or more realistically, maybe something for the kiddos. Like these shoes that I have in my shop - Persnickety's Resale Fashion Boutique. A brand new pair of Pampolina, silver high-top Kiss shoes for only $24.99! Ellie will be in a size 9...someday, right?

Like clockwork, it's 12:30 pm and I'm pretty sure that my stomach is eating itself. Again. Guess I'll go pig-out on my PB sandwich and rice cakes! Who's jealous now?

Until tomorrow.....peace out!


  1. Love it and love you! Keep doing your thing :) We'll do this "healthier me" thing together. I'm on a roll so far...we shall see if I can keep from eating my left arm--see I've learned something from you! I need the right one!

  2. Thanks Lauren for being my cheerleader! I love you oodles and oodles! I'm so excited to take a healthy challenge with you. You are definitely and inspiration to me and I'm glad to have you by my side on this crazy journey. Love you!