Monday, January 23, 2012

Dolphin Tale Now Playing....for the 12th time

Here's to day # ........

Hell, I don't remember. So, here's to Monday. I made it through the weekend! And for once I'm not talking about food! Have you seen the movie Dolphin Tale? It's a great flick! I love the way it connects its entire audience to a lot of important topics, such as: unique abilities, love, compassion, and the ability for people to look past "physical flaws" and see the true nature of someone's inner-being. Or in this case, the inner-being of a beloved dolphin named Winter.

I'm not going to sugar-coat it - the movie was a tear-jearker, but for all of the right reasons. For those of you that don't know, my dad has been in a wheelchair for almost 20 years. Like lots of other people, my dad has bad days. He'll tell me that he doesn't want to go anywhere because he's "handicapped". It drives me bat shit crazy! My typical response is, "No, you're not handicapped. You're handicapable!" Follow by a, "Now let's get your ass in the car!"

He has been an incredible teacher to Lucas and Ellie. He's taught them that people may not always look the same or that they may have different abilities than the next person, but that's the beauty - we are all people with unique abilities and that we shouldn't be judged on the way that we look. Wow! What a statement that makes to a six year old and his little two year old sister. Yet, they seem to get it. Lucas pushes Eepa in his wheelchair, Ellie holds doors, and I sit there and think, "They get it! Now...why can't everyone else?" And Usher....if you are reading this blog, that was TOTALLY meant for you!

Anyway. My whole point to this depressing intro is that our society has grown to judge people based upon their appearance. It's not right, but it happens everyday. Hell...I do it all of the time. Why....I did it at our Christmas Eve mass. There was a woman sitting in a row across from us whose boobs were way too perky and her smile was so tight that I thought that she was competeing for a Joan Rivers look-a-like contest. Not right...I know.

Unfortunately, it happens all of the time. Why be our own worst critics when society will do it for us? I don't need me to tell myself that I'm fat - People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and the Bachelor does it for me!

So...where am I going with all of this? I guess it's the fact that I learned a little bit more about what life teaches us at unexpected times. After watching Dolphin Tale for the 12th time (in three days - mind you), something clicked. I have to want to be healthier and be more active for not only my kids, but myself. I can't want to be skinny just for the sake of being vain (even though that was the real reason why I started this journey).

Every person is beautiful. We just have to define what that means to each and every one of us.

Here's a picture of my family on my brother's wedding day! Totally beautiful!

And here's a picture of me on my brother's wedding day in my dad's "extra" wheelchair with a broken ankle! Equally as beautiful and inspiring.


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  2. Hi Lori, wow you really should be a writer. You have a way with the words. Your blogs are very interesting!!! I am enjoying reading them...hang in there. Beautiful wedding photo by the way.