Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Totally OFF Today

Well...today has been an entirely OFF day for me! And no...I wasn't off from work. Instead, I spent the day working in Columbus, was completely off my WW plan and have just been a little "OFF" all day.

It all started at 12:44 in the am. You guessed it - sugar was low - again. Unfortunately, by 7:30 am, my body was still singing the same song. So...before I even ate breakfast, I logged 13 points - two cans of 7 UP and a package of PB crackers.

I guess I thought, well...my day is already ruined, so an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's sounded like a good idea. So did the hash brown. By the way...they were freaking delicious!

Speaking of delicious, so was the filet of salmon, mashed potatoes and asparagus that I ate for lunch. I decided to be sensible and only eat a cup of beef stew and two rolls for dinner. Love it that I came to my senses at 7:00 in the evening!

Anyway. I logged all of my points on to the computer and here's the kicker - I was 20 points over my limit for the day! Um....really? Those damn reactions are sabatoging my progress to becoming a sexy bitch! That's right...David Guetta wrote that song about me!

So, where does that leave me? More determined to have a bitchin' second week! What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right?

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