Sunday, January 22, 2012

Exercise Dropout

The first step to recovery is admitting something, right? it goes. I'm an exercise dropout. Shocking right?

Up until I was 25, I was pretty active - I danced, played soccer and didn't have to worry about running out of breath when I reached the top of the stairs. Now that I'm 34, my official form of exercise is either a) chasing the kiddos around the house, b) sitting on the couch and watching them chase each other. I think that last statment makes me officially lazy.

I'm trying to incorporate some sort of exercise into my weekly routine. I still haven't made it to the Y, but I did manage to not look HOT while playing Zumba on the Wii. I even got up this morning and put the Biggest Loser into my console and did circuit training for 20 mintues! I know!! Who am I?!

The sad part about getting back on the exercise bandwagon is that I've been off of it for so long that 20 minutes seems like an eternity! I set my level to moderate today so that Bob could kick my ass. And he did. I was totally sweating!

I guess there is a bright side to working out - I earn activity points which equates to = Lori gets to eat more food. I guess I'll see it as a win when I step on the scale on Wednesday.

Which...I'm going to bet that the read out is unchanged. After 4 days/nights of lows, 5 cans of 7 UP and 5 packages of PB crackers, I'm going to just throw it out there and bet that I haven't lost any weight. Which sucks, because all of those cans of 7 UP and pb crackers = 45 points! That's a lot considering that I only eat 26 points a day and only have 49 extra "banked" points.

Hopefully week 2 will be better.

Now...what did I do with my fork? That chocolate cake isn't going to eat itself.

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