Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 of Giving Thanks

Well...we've made it to day two of giving thanks. Not going to lie...most years I don't even make it this far. lol
However, today's day is dedicated to my favorite little boy...

Lucas is my six year old, my baby and a complete Momma's boy. He has my Type A personality, talks non-stop, is completely hilarious and could pick-up your spirit in five seconds with only a few words and a hug. He is definitely a lover, people pleaser and wildly sensitive.

While he is all of those things that make my heart (and anyone else that is near him) melt, today....he was my alarm clock. And for that...I am truly thankful and grateful.

At 7:48 this morning, his boundful energy popped into our bedroom and yelled..."I MISSED THE BUS!!!!!!!" lol

Not sure what happened, but apparently I didn't set the alarm.

Despite the chaotic morning of quickly getting dressed and sprinting out the door like an Olympic athlete, I still find it easy to be thankful for those treasured moments with my sweetie boy.

Lucas...thank you, for choosing me to be your mommy. Love you to the moon and back.


  1. Adorable :) The most cherished moments I think are always the unplanned ones.

  2. I totally think that you are right Lia! Thanks for your comment. <3