Friday, November 16, 2012

The cookie exchange is here! The cookie exchange is here! here's the deal. I decided a while ago that I should start a blog. I would chronicle my weight loss challenge and be completely transparent in my road to gaining my health back.
For a while, I was a consistant blogger. I wrote something every week and wondered how in the world people blogged every day! I have a lot to talk about, but come on.
Then...I started to slack off. I'd write when I felt like it - which was almost never. lol. Then I found a little inspirtation on the SITS Girls website.

I find myself blogging more, getting involved and even participating in random conversations! I know...who am I?

Anyway...I noticed that the SITS Girls were having a huge upcoming event and I wanted to be a part of it - a Cookie Extravaganza! I mean really...who doesn't LOVE cookies???!!!!!

So...I took a chance and signed up.

Today, I received my email with my cookie exchange partner - the ever fabulous Sara Llyod from The Undomestic Goddess!! And yes folks...because I gave you her should totally check out her page! I'm sure that you can relate to what she's dishin' out - I know that I can. lol. I mean really...she had me at "Burning Water".

Anyway...we are participating in a cookie exchange together! I'm super excited to be exchanging cookies and recipes with a new friend from Oregon. Although...I'm pretty sure that poor Sara should be scared. We all know how well I cook and bake.

Fortunately for her, I'm not going to spoil the cookie fun here, but I promise to make something delicious (hopefully). I'll probably send nutrition facts too - and WW points values. Just in case.

Let's just hope that Grandma Gert's recipe comes through for me. It would be unfortunate to make my new friend sick - hmmmmm.



  1. Make sure to share your recipe, pics of the cookies you make, and pics and full details on the ones you receive. I work out so I can eat!!!

    1. You got it Grace! I will definitely do that. My guess is that I'll probably share her deliciousness with the family and not participate in the tasting. Pitiful I know...but I want to be in shape for the Half in April. I have a long way to go!

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    1. Doesn't it sound yummy? I've never done a cookie exchange. I hope that I don't botch it too badly. lol

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