Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What are you thankful for today?

It's Wednesday, hump-day and day 14 of my "30 Days of Thanksgiving" project.
I decided to take a break today from all the serious posts and be thankful for something totally trivial - shopping. And not just any shopping my friends...Christmas shopping.
Recently, I've been on this kick about getting all of the kid's Christmas shopping finished and out of the way relatively early. And by early, I mean anytime before December 23rd. I mean...there's nothing like waiting until the last minute to shop, stressing out, missing shipping deadlines, finding yourself actually in a store fighting with people and then having to find solace in a bottle somewhere. Which in most instances, it's in the bathroom of the store that I'm in. Listen...don't knock airplane vodka until you try it. They make it pint sized for a reason.
Anyway. I accumulated $20 in Kohl's cash and decided to get Ellie's last present with it. I mean...I was going to Kohl's at lunch to purchase one item. It should have been a safe decision, right?
Fair Warning.......the holiday madness has already begun.
Thank goodness that I wasn't there to shop. I was there for one item and one item only: Gymnast Dora.

Ellie is all into gymnastics at the moment. And Dora. So...combine the two and you have a win-win Christmas present. Plus...I figured that if she doesn't like it, we'll just blame it on Santa.'s the best part of my trip. Originally, Gymnast Dora was $32.99. Ridiculous - I know. She was on sale for $23.09 - lucky me. I had $20 in Kohls cash, so Dora only cost $3 plus change!!!

I heart Kohls!


Like I said earlier, I'm thankful that I was able to finish up my Christmas shopping for the kiddos. I mean...if I waited any longer, it would have been a disaster. lol.

What are you thankful for today?

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