Monday, November 5, 2012

Day Four

Day four was yesterday - Sunday:Funday.
Justin, the babes and I headed down to the Lucky Dog yesterday afternoon to have lunch, watch the Browns and Bengals games, and see my Bets.
The kiddos were super excited to see "Aunt Betsy". I'm pretty sure that they didn't care about what the Browns or Bengals were doing on screen. To be honest, it was probably a good thing that they weren't watching. Instead, they were running around, making new friends and trying to win stuffed animals with the "claw" game.
I mean...I totally know that the "claw" game is a money trap - nobody ever wins! Yet, I stood there with the kiddos feeding it dollar bills. Finally, the kids got bored and decided to walk away - empty handed.
Fortunately for Ellie, one of the Browns Backers was sitting by us and decided to give her the white "bengal" tiger that he won. You would have thought that it was Christmas! She beemed and carried that tiger around with her all afternoon, evening, and at bedtime too. "Tigie" has found a great home.
As day four came to an end, I found myself thankful for football Sundays with my family and bestie.

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