Monday, November 5, 2012

Day Three of Thankfulness

Well...the weekend hit and that is the reason why I didn't blog my days three and four of thankfulness. So...I guess I'll go ahead and take care of that now.
On Saturday, I was getting ready to head to the shop. You see, Saturdays are my only days that I get to work my shop and be hands-on with the everyday happenings.
Anyway...before I left, I was sitting on the chaise in our bedroom - talking to Justin. As I was getting ready to stand up and head out, he grabbed my hand.
Now...I'm not going to get all sappy. He wasn't holding my hand, but rather challenging me to a thumb wrestling match! And like any over confident person...I took him on!
I will have it be known that I WON the thumb war wrestling match!!! I even beat him with my left hand...and no, I didn't play dirty either and entrap him with my index finger.
I beat him fair and square.
And with that in mind, here is day three: Today I am thankful for thumb wresting on Saturday mornings with the best husband ever. Btw...I won!

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